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Choir Archive 2

This page provides photographs and archive material for St Peter's Church Choir Streatham

Director of Music: Philip Collin


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Arch 1990 Bridlington Priory Cropped

1989 - Bridlington Priory
Front Row (left to right): Christina ?, Mel Metherell (nee Downs), Elisha Roche, Marilyn Harper, Catherine Chapman, Carrie Thompson, Pam Carragher, Nicky Harland, Andrew Chapman
Behind: ??, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald), Norman Harper (9th DofM), Simon Gay, Charles Edwards, David Chapman, Paul Carragher,
Jean Louis ?, Lawrence Roche

Arch 1991 Sponsored Sing - Vicarage St Peter Limpsfield Cropped

1991 - Sponsored Sing at Churches in Southwark Diocese - St Peter's Limpsfield (Vicarage) under the direction of Norman Harper

Front Row: (left to right) Nicky Harland, Carrie Thompson, Simon Miller, Mel Metherel (nee Downs), Catherine Chapman (with Tom in arms), David Chapman
Back row: Chris Daly, Mark Levett (11th DofM), Paul Kefford, Steve Dunne, Peter Edwards, Simon Pusey (obscured), Simon Gay, Andrew Chapman, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald). Anna Dunne

Arch 1992 Cambridge (whilst at Ely Cathedral) Crop

1992 - Visit to Cambridge whilst singing at Ely Cathedral

Front row (left to right): Carrie Thompson, Chris Miller, Pam Carragher, Maureen Downs, Nicole Miller, Emily Chapman (baby), Nicky Harland
Middle rows: Mel Metherel (nee Downs), Lee Carpenter, Simon Gay, Anna Davies, Bethen Gostick, Claire Edwards, Catherine Chapman with Tom
At back: Marilyn Harper, Norman Harper, Timothy Harper, Kendrick Horne, Eamon Dougan, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald), Peter Edwards, Matthew Patmios

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