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St Peter's Church


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Arch 1992 Cambridge (whilst at Ely Cathedral) Crop


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Choir Archive 2


This page provides photographs and archive material for St Peter's Church Choir Streatham


Director of Music: Philip Collin


Email: music@stpeters-streatham.org


Tel: 07932 001399

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Arch 1990 Bridlington Priory Cropped Arch 1991 Sponsored Sing - Vicarage St Peter Limpsfield Cropped

1991 - Sponsored Sing at Churches in Southwark Diocese - St Peter's Limpsfield (Vicarage) under the direction of Norman Harper


Front Row: (left to right) Nicky Harland, Carrie Thompson, Simon Miller, Mel Metherel (nee Downs), Catherine Chapman (with Tom in arms), David Chapman

Back row: Chris Daly, Mark Levett (11th DofM), Paul Kefford, Steve Dunne, Peter Edwards, Simon Pusey (obscured), Simon Gay, Andrew Chapman, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald). Anna Dunne

1989 - Bridlington Priory

Front Row (left to right): Christina ?, Mel Metherell (nee Downs), Elisha Roche, Marilyn Harper, Catherine Chapman, Carrie Thompson, Pam Carragher, Nicky Harland, Andrew Chapman

Behind: ??, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald), Norman Harper (9th DofM), Simon Gay, Charles Edwards, David Chapman, Paul Carragher,

Jean Louis ?, Lawrence Roche

1992 - Visit to Cambridge whilst singing at Ely Cathedral


Front row (left to right): Carrie Thompson, Chris Miller, Pam Carragher, Maureen Downs, Nicole Miller, Emily Chapman (baby), Nicky Harland

Middle rows: Mel Metherel (nee Downs), Lee Carpenter, Simon Gay, Anna Davies, Bethen Gostick, Claire Edwards, Catherine Chapman with Tom

At back: Marilyn Harper, Norman Harper, Timothy Harper, Kendrick Horne, Eamon Dougan, Sheila Launchbury (nee MacDonald), Peter Edwards, Matthew Patmios