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Choir Archive

This page provides photographs and archive material for St Peter's Church Choir Streatham

Director of Music: Nick Graham


Tel: 07979 191246

Benjamin Agutter 215

Dr Benjamin Agutter - the first Organist and Choirmaster of St Peter's
(1866 to 1905)

Beach 1 - Group  1

On the beach - Cornwall (Truro) 2010

2007 Durham Choir in Cloister 429

Durham Cathedral 2007

Arch 1995 Ripon Cathedral Cropped

Ripon Cathedral 1995

Arch 1994 St David's Cathedral Crop

St David's Cathedral 1994

Arch 1992 Cambridge (whilst at Ely Cathedral) Crop

Cambridge (whilst at Ely Cathedral) 1992

Arch 1991 Sponsored Sing - Vicarage St Peter Limpsfield Cropped

1991 - Sponsored Sing at Churches in Southwark Diocese - St Peter's Limpsfield (Vicarage) under the direction of Norman Harper

With Mark Levett (11th DofM) second from left

Choir c1927-1929

The choir between 1927 and 1929 pictured with the Vicar Richard Morson (1927 to 1941) and B. Greek Stoneman the 2nd Organist and Choirmaster (front row)

Arch Choir 1950s 001

1956 --- Front row: Michael Vaughan, ?Carpenter, Fr Charles Smith (Vicar), Stanley Ingham (3rd Organist and Choirmaster), Fr Noel Godwin, Christopher Hearn, Colin O'Donnell
Middle row: Michael Renvoise, Tony Keble, Maurice Garrett, John Sutcliff, ?Bennett, Graham Hearn, Jonathan Bradshaw, ??
Back Row: Hamish Sutcliff,Tommy Kaye,Bob Cosham,?,Tom Hearn, ?Nicholls,?,Peter Caswell
Can you help us fill in any more names?

Arch 1973 May Day 7

1973 - May Day Procession --- Left to right
Boys: Jeremy Goodrich, Henry Davies, Colin Pritchard, David Chapman, ??, Trevor Pritchard
Men: Jonathan Farley, Andrew Chapman,Tom Hearn, Stephen Mellor, Ronnie Rackham, Nicolas Mansfield

Arch Choir c 1976 2

1976 --- Front row: (Left to right ) David Chapman, Trevor Pritchard, Fr Stephen Jones (Curate), Michael Kerton (5th Organist and Choirmaster), Fr Michael Woodgate (Vicar), Colin Pritchard

Middle (boys): Lucian Meek, Michael Maduro, Ronald James, Nicholas Day, Stephen Turner

Back row: Ronnie Rackham, Jonathan Meyrick, John Skinner, Tom Hearn, Fred Vere, Stephen Mellor, John Turner, Hamish Sutcliff

Arch Choir 1979 - MBKs leaving event

1979 --- Front row: (from left) Richard Edwards, Charles Edwards
Second Row from elderly gent: Hamish Sutcliff, Ronnie Rackham, Stephen Turner, Peter Edwards, Colin Pritchard, Trevor Pritchard, Audely Smith
Back two rows from left: Fr Michael Woodgate, John Skinner, Fr Richard Andrew, Ronald James, John Turner, Fred Vere, Andrew Chapman, Henry Davies, Tom Hearn, Michael Kerton (5th Organist and Choirmaster)

Arch 1985 Llandaff Cathedral

1985 --- Llandaff Cathedral (boys wearing borrowed robes)
Men at rear from left: Michael Stoddart (8th DofM from 1987), David Trendell, John Brierley (7th DofM from 1985), Paul Brough, ?, Jonathan Edwards, Peter Edwards, Charles Edwards, David Chapman
Centre: Stephen Lloyd (6th Organist and Choirmaster)
Boys from left: ??, Kwabina?, ??, Toby Barlow (dark blue ribbon), Guillaume de Lantivy?, Adam Smith (light blue ribbon), ??, ?obscured?, Andrew Smith, Carlos?, ?? [Can you help fill in some names - contact us]

Directors of Music

(known as Organist and Choirmaster until 1990s)
Benjamin Agutter (1866-1905)
Greek Stoneman (1905-1929)
Stanley.W. Ingham (1929-1957)
Frederick Waterman (1958-1967)
Michael B. Kerton (1967-1979)
Stephen E.T. Lloyd (1979-1984)
John S. Brierley (1985-1987)
Michael R. Stoddart (1987-1989)
Norman A.J. Harper (1989-1995)
Simon Lewis (1995-1996)
Mark Levett (1996-1998)
David Abbott (1998-1999)
David J. Cresswell (2000-2008)
Philip Collin (2008-2015)
Nick Graham (2016- )

Arch Stephen Lloyd-John Brierley-Norman Harper and

1991 (at the marriage of
Peter and Claire Edwards)

From left:
Norman Harper (9th DofM), John Brierley (7th DofM, Stephen Lloyd (6th DofM and Revd Dr John Hall (Vicar 1984-92)

Arch David Cresswell - 8-9-06 playing organ

David Creswell (13th DofM)

140 CS10P+ALL1

Philip Collin (14th DofM) conducts a Come and Sing event in 2010

180 CS10P All
2008 SF 02 Philip and Choir Edited close up sans l

Philip Collin rehearses for a join concert with Clemente Rebora (from Italy) in 2008 and after the show

2008 SF 06 Clcmente Rebora and St Peters Choir in
Arch 1990 Bridlington Priory Cropped

1989 - Bridlington Priory

Arch 1984 Llandaff Cathedral

1984 - Llandaff Cathedral