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Picture above - A hand coloured picture of St Peter's from a postcard in the early 1900s. Probably before 1906. Note the ivy and the round tower. The hand colourist used red instead of the church's distinctive polychrome yellow brick colour.


St Peter's parish was created from that of its overflowing mother church, St Leonard's, in order to minister to the ever expanding Victorian population. Today the parish spans parts of Streatham and West Norwood and includes some 5,000 homes and 16,000 people of all ages, races and religions.

The church was built on land given by George Drew, who owned a large part of the Leigham Manor Estate and who lived at Leigham Court. He also built Leigham Court Road and sold or redeveloped the remainder of the estate. He was supported by a number of wealthy families of the area, the Trollopes, the Morgans and others. They felt that the church they needed should be in the tradition of the Oxford Movement, then 30-40 years old, and they particularly wanted to have somewhere where the music would play a worthy part in the reverent and devotional worship they were asking for.

A temporary ‘tin’ church was erected on the west side of Leigham Court Road initially whilst the new church was built. It was dedicated in 1865 to St Peter and St Paul.

Former Incumbents of St Peter's

Vicar 01 Arthur Charles Tarbutt (1870-1890)

Arthur Charles Tarbutt - first Vicar of St Peter's

Vicar 04 Herbert Charles Frith (1919-1927)

Herbert Charles Frith (1919-1927)

Vicar 02 Henry Baron Dickinson (1890-1904)

Henry Baron Dickinson

Vicar 03 Edward Jervis (1904-1918)

Edward Jervis

Vicar 08 Michael James Woodgate (1969-1984)

Michael James Woodgate (1969-1984)

Vicar 05 Richard Frederick Morson (1927-1941)

Richard Frederick Morson (1927-1941)

Vicar 07 Charles David Smith (1949-1968)

Charles David Smith (1949-1968)

Vicar 06 Walter Gould (1941-1949)

Walter Gould

Vicar 09 John R Hall (1984-1992)

John Hall

Vicar 10 Andrew Stephen Walker (1993-1998)

Andrew Stephen Walker