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St Peter's Church


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Richard Drew

Richard Drew, the first architect of St Peter's was the son of the benefactor George Drew.  Richard Drew had been a pupil of his uncle William Butterworth (famous for All Saint’s Margaret St).


The building firm of one of the trustees, who lived in Leigham Court Road, George Francis Trollope was used to build the church. The first building was not completed.  The initial money available only allowed for the building of three bays of the nave, and so a temporary west wall was built to complete the church.


The plan (below) shows the original church plan, as built.  Richard Drew was also architect for St Luke’s Whyteleaf (1866) another church built on land given by his father George.

Richard Drew - Edited 215

Richard W. Drew

first architect of St Peter's

Stpeters 1868-1871 ground plan

The original ground plan for St Peter's as built.  All that remains today of this original building is the central nave, the high altar and choir and a part of the north wall.  The church was substantially enlarged to plans by George Fellowes Prynne when funds were available for the completion of the church.

St Luke Whyteleaf - richard drew church

St Luke's Whyteleaf (c1911) designed by Richard Drew.


It was built on land given by his father George.  George Drew named their house Whiteleaf House after an adjoining field.  It was from this house that Whyteleaf was to get its name.

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