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St Peter's Church


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The Resurrection Chapel was created from Richard Drew's original chancel when the church was re-ordered in the 1980s.   The chapel is used for week-day Masses and provides a wonderful intimacy for worship. The square stone altar was installed in 1987. The reredos presents a glorious scene of Christ rising from the tomb on Easter Day - the Resurrection. Sunflowers, the symbol of resurrection, are depicted in the upper decoration and the four living creatures representing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the Gospel writers.

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Above the reredos is the east window of 1955 by Lawrence Lee. Most of the original stained glass of the building was lost during the Second World War. This may not be such a bad thing for practical purposes, since the building would have been much darker when fully glazed. The east window shows Christ in Glory with his mother and St Peter. St Peter is shown holding a detailed scale picture of the church.  At the bottom of the window are images of a blitzed London.

On the wall North wall of the Resurrection Chapel you can see the five angels of the passion, so called because they hold items which feature in the story of Christ's passion - the pillar of scourging, the garment without a seam and the dice, the cross, spear and the sponge, the crown of thorns and nails, a lantern, a torch and a weapon.


The Angels were dedicated in 1896 on the Feast of All Saints and are made from plaster using a style called Sgraffito. The Angels became damaged by water ingress in the 1990s and were restored in 2004.

The Resurrection Chapel area takes one of its themes from the first lesson read on All Saints Day (Revelation Chap. 7) – Five Angels, Four living creatures (on the Reredos) and multitudes of people standing before the Lamb in worship and saying the words "Blessing, Honor, Glory, Power, Be Unto Him that Sitteth Upon the Throne and Unto the Lamb for Ever and Ever" which are written around the high frieze.


The Angels were dedicated on the feast of All Saints’ 1896 'To the glory of God and in memory of George Francis Trollope, Emily Mary Famin and William Stapleton Trollope.’


George Trollope was one the original Trustees of St Peter's and his building firm were commissioned to build the church.


Opposite, on the right-hand wall are three elegant sedilia, and a piscina in memory of Cuthbert Wotherspoon, a former server.

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The Resurrection Chapel

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