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The organ is a fine and very grand four-manual William Hill and Son. In 1870 it would have been smaller - three manuals. It was extended by the Hill firm between 1903 and 1913. The west case was designed by Arthur Hill for the 1903 enlargement.


The organ has undergone three restorations - the first in 1970 when the manual actions were converted from the original tubular pneumatic system to electro-magnetic. In 1994 this work was continued with the full restoration of the pedal organ and conversion to electro-magnetic action. In 2000, the slider machines for the manuals were restored.

Music has always been an important part of the liturgy and tradition at St Peter's. The first organist and choirmaster of St Peter’s was Benjamin Agutter who started a choir in the temporary ‘tin’ church in 1866. The choir has continued to sing, except for a break during the second world war, since then.


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Above: Doctor Benjamin Agutter - the first Organist and Choirmaster of St Peter's

Organ Console 429

The Choir in c1976

History Part 5

History Part 1 History Part 2 History Part 4 History Part 3 Organ Choir St Peters Choir circa 1976

Directors of Music

Benjamin Agutter (1866-1905)

B. Greek Stoneman (1905-1929)

Stanley.W. Ingham (1929-1957)

Frederick Waterman (1958-1962)

Michael B. Kerton (1963-1979)

Stephen E.T. Lloyd (1979-1984)

John S. Brierley (1985-1987)

Michael R. Stoddart (1987-1989)

Norman A.J. Harper (1989-1995)

Simon Lewis (1995-1996)

Mark Levett (1996-1998)

David Abbott (1998-1999)

David J. Cresswell (2000-2008)

Philip Collin (2008-2015)

Nick J. Graham (2016-18)

Will G. Mason (2019)

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The choir (December 2018)

Follow the link below to find out more about the organ.