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St Peter's Church


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The Solo has five speaking stops:


Tuba - 8'


All the below are enclosed in a swell box controlled with a balanced swell pedal.


Rohr Gedeckt - 8'

Harmonic Flute - 4'

Viol D'Orchestre - 8'

Orchestral Oboe - 8'


The organ is undergoing some very exciting restoration currently.  In October 2015 all of the pipes of the Solo Division were returned to the organ afyer work to clean, repair and regulate the pipework.  In July 2016, the Choir Organ was restored (see Organ Restoration 2) and in November 2017, there were Winding works (see Restoration 3).


You can see below some photographs of the work in progress.


The work is being undertaken by the Duplex Pipe Organ and Blower Company and their Director James Richardson-Jones.

Pipes are packed up to go to the workshop for cleaning, repairs and voicing

organ stops right solo close up Inside Solo Box Solo Soundboard and Slider Motors

The upperboards and rack boards are cleaned and refitted - these will support the pipes

IMG_1028 IMG_1021 IMG_1020 IMG_1035

Above and below:

The pipes for the Rohr Gedeckt, Harmonic Flute and Viol d'Orchestre after their refurbishment

Tuba 2 Tuba 3 Tuba 1

Left, right and centre: The Tuba is returned - the centre picture shows the feet of the pipes.

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Organ Restoration Work Part 1

Organ Restoration Work 2 Organ Restoration Work 3

Inside the empty Solo box