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Samuel and Ann Rawlinson


Inscription reads:


To the Glory of God and in loving memory of

Samuel Sutton Rawlinson and Ann his wife.

This window is dedicated by their children 1882

Samuel and Ann Rawlinson


Central Boss Detail

The four angels hold ribbons quoting from the First book of  Kings Chapter 21 verse 17:


"The word of the Lord came to

Elijah the Tishbite"

Rose Window


Inscription reads:


To the Glory of God in memory of Philippina Porock who died May 21st 1898. The Rose Window was provided by her husband Henry Porock. I.P.


We now reach the West-end of the building. This window was reinstated in 1953 by Lawrence Lee and restored in 1994 by a generous bequest from Mabel Longmore.


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Samuel and Ann Rawlinson Top Cropped Bright Windows - Samuel and Ann Rawlinson Detail No Plaque by St Pauls Altar Top Cropped 620x365 Br

This window over St Paul's Altar and the Font has no plaque


It is possibly by Clayton and Bell.  As with all of the pre-war windows in the nave, only the top section remains.

No Plaque by St Pauls Altar - bottom angel - kings Rose Window 2003

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