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Stained Glass - 05

Windows - Baptistery - South Panel

The Sacramental Windows

South Panel

Holy Unction

Holy Matrimony

and Holy Orders

Baptistery Windows South Panel - holy unction

Left Window - Holy Unction

The Sacrament of Holy Unction is also referred to as the anointing of the sick and as Last Rites. Last Rites are administered to those who are about to die.

Holy Unction can be administered simply by the priest laying on hands and allowing the holy spirit to flow to the sick person. However, it can also be accompanied by the priest making the sign of the cross on the person's forehead with oil.

The sign of the cross is shown at the top with on an evergreen bed (life). At the bottom there is a black symbol of death reminding us of the role of Holy Unction for Last Rites.

The priests hands are shown with the grace flowing from them and a vessel for the oil .

Baptistery Windows South Panel Holy Unction - Deta

The red ring is a holy ring representing the sacramental aspect and it is linked to a wedding ring.

Beneath the wedding ring
is a loving cup.

Baptistery Windows South Panel - Centre Detail - R

Wheat - represents the harvest of souls - and there is a background of fire representing the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Baptistery Windows South Panel - Right - Holy Orde

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