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Lady Chapel - St Mary the Virgin Windows


There are eight windows dedicated to the Virgin Mary over the altar of the Lady Chapel.


The inscription reads:


To the Greater Glory of God in honour

of St Mary the Virgin

These Sanctuary windows were dedicated

in October 1906.


1. & 2. By Clara Elizabeth Smith

in memory of her Parents Sarah Ann

Kirby, died Sept 18.1899 and Rayment Kirby,

died May 26 1906 RIP


3. & 4. In memory of Herbert Irons Chope,

died Jan 17 1906 RIP


5. Out of devotion to St Mary.


6. In memory of Thomas Jervis, died June 2 1906 RIP


7. & 8. By Ethel Taylor as a thankoffering

for spiritual blessings received

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These first two windows (left) bear words which are the taken from the opening verse of a hymn by Venantius Fortunatus (530-609) (Quem terra, pontus, aethera)....


Window 1

The God whom earth and sea and sky

Adore and Laud and Magnify


Window 2

Who governs all the threefold frame

To birth as child of Mary came


The parchment latin text in window 2 reads:

“Ecce, virgo concipiet et pariet filium”

"Behold a virgin shall conceive and shall bear a son.” Isaiah 7:14


For the remaining windows, words in the same meter are used:


Window 3

Beneath th’ o’er shadowing of grace,

A maiden lent a dwelling place


Window 4

To that dread Lord, whom night and day

The sun and moon shall all obey.

Windows 5 and 6 (left)


Window 5

All that was lost by woful (sic) Eve

Thy beauteous Offspring did retrieve


Window 6

That mourners might regain the height

Heav’n made of thee its window bright


Windows 7 and 8 (right)


Window 7

Thou wast the great king’s entrance door

Light’s gate, through which the sunbeams pour;


Window 8

Ye ransom’d nations, hail with [mirth]

Life through the Virgin brought to earth.


[The word 'mirth' is unclear]

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